If you want to read messages sent to for your telephone number, you only have to confirm, that you are the owner of this telephone number.

To do this, just send a SMS message from the phone number you want to confirm to our phone number 004915147198644 containing text:

START mypassword

where mypassword is your login password. It must be at least 6 characters long and can contain any displayable standard ASCII characters. Please avoid using any national or special characters.

Please fill in the form. For you must fill in your real personal or company data so other people knowing you can contact you easily. We also need a proof that these data are real and that you are a real person. So please attach a photocopy of your ID card, driving license, photocopy of your company statement, etc. For minors (below the age of maturity depending on your country) we also need a photocopy from the parents or the legal representatives and their approvement. The verification and account creation process might take some days.

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