Datbox is a service composed of a collection of services intended to make communication, data storage and sharing easy.
It is currently under development and is intended for public preview only, not for regular use.
Please feel free to send any comments to e-mail: info(at)datbox.info


Quick and easy to use e-mail and storage for all who have a mobile phone number. You can send an e-mail to anyone even if he or she has not used datbox.mobi yet. You only need to know his or her phone number, nothing more. It is so easy to send an e-mail to anyone.


E-mail and storage optimized for personal use. Standardized e-mail address makes it easy to find you by anyone, who is looking for you. A set of tools facilitates and organizes your communication and data.


E-mail and storage optimized for business use. Your business partners will be impressed by a professional communication service and new customers will easily find you. A set of tools supports your communication and data management.


E-mail and storage optimized for institutions. Helps to improve the communication with clients and provide them better services. A set of tools improves mutual understanding and data management.

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